Renting a whole apartment at an Athenian suburb

Renting a whole apartment at an Athenian suburb by Anastasia PROT. Karamerou


Long term rental.  No furniture included , unless requested.*  it is a long-term unfurnished property


What is long term renting?
long term rental property is usually rented out to tenants for a long period of time, typically more than a half a year. … Consequently, a long term rental means that  the landlord receives a constant flow of rental income from his/her tenants.

The apartment does no belong to AIRBNB or any other Lettings platform or company.

How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Athens? The average rental price in Athens for apartments are in between 581 € and 2,000 €./monthly . It depends on the area, how many bedrooms, square meters…..etc…. As  monthly tenant, you must pay one month’s rent as a
deposit.( for future damages…if any) If you have a long-term contract you may have to pay up to one or two  months rent in advance. Long-term tenants pay for their own water and electricity/oil consumption. Common expences exist, such as : gardener, disinfection,petrol(oil) and the cost is devided .

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